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Visa Tech is an initiative that seeks to streamline the process of obtaining a work visa in order to make it easier for local and overseas companies in the technology services sector and enterprises related to Start-Up Chile to hire professional and technical personnel specialized in the area of technology services who are not available in the country, either in the number or of the standard required.
Under this initiative’s streamlined process, it is possible to obtain a Work Visa within a maximum period of 15 working days.

Who does Visa Tech benefit?

Visa Tech is a benefit that can be used by technology services companies and enterprises participating in the Start-Up Chile program which needs to hire highly qualified foreign personnel of a type not available in Chile.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Visa Tech?

Any foreign professional or technician in the areas of science and technology or with proven experience in innovation, whether located in Chile or overseas, can apply for this visa when hired by a technology services company that holds a letter of invitation and/or a certificate of sponsorship from InvestChile (in the case of companies with overseas capital), from Start-Up Chile (if the company is associated with this program) or the Undersecretariat of Economy (in the case of local companies).


The application process for a Visa Tech Chile

In the case of a foreign citizen already in Chile, companies interested in accessing the Visa Tech system through InvestChile should submit a request for a Certificate of Sponsorship.
If the potential employee is not in Chile, the company should request a Personalized Letter of Invitation for Business Purposes, which will permit the potential employee’s early entry into Chile in order to complete the hiring process there, and then apply for the Work Visa.
For this purpose, the company’s request should indicate specific details of the potential employee’s identity and background.

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If your Company want to request Visa Tech Chile